Eric Brajeul (brajeul[at]
CTIFL, Centre de Carquefou - 35 allée des Sapins – 44483 – CARQUEFOU cedex - France
+33 2 40 50 81 65 

Core group:

  • Eric Brajeul – Ctifl – France                                                                        Coordinator
  • Phillips Davis – Stockbridge Technology Centre – UK                          Steering commitee
  • Anne Elings – WUR – Nederlands                                                            Steering commitee
  • Hélène Gautier – Inra – France                                                                 Steering commitee
  • Juan Carlos Gazquez – Est. Exp. de Cajamar – Spain                           Steering commitee
  • Silvana Nicola – Univ. Torino – Italy                                                          Steering commitee
  • Vincent Truffault – Ctifl – France                                                                Steering commitee
  • Diego Valera – Univ. Almeria – Spain                                                     Steering commitee
  • Tom Van Delm – Proefcentrum Hoogstraten – Belgium                      Steering commitee
  • Catherine Coutand – Inra – France
  • Sara Crappe – Prov. Proefcentrum voor de Groenteteelt Oost-Vlaanderen – Belgium
  • Céline Gilli – Agroscope – Switzerland
  • Joelle Herforth – FIBL – Switzerland
  • Cherubino Leonardi – Univ. Catania – Italy
  • Stefania de Pascale – Univ. Naples – Italy
  • Francois Pascaud – Invenio – France
  • Lieve Wittemans – Proefstation voor de Groenteteelt – Belgium


Focus of working:

The objectives and expectations of the working group (WG) “Greenhouse crops” are to:

  • share knowledge of the activities of the European institutes working on greenhouse horticulture
  • exchange scientific and technical knowledge on methods for research and experimentation in greenhouses, discuss research results, and jointly publish and communicate

in order to update the strategic agenda and to develop projects on greenhouse crops in the framework of European calls.

The focus of this WG is vegetable production in greenhouses, with a broad approach of all the greenhouse system:

  • to build new strategies and techniques that preserve yields, improve product quality, control energy consumption and reduce the ecological footprint
  • for production in glasshouses and plastic greenhouses
  • for soil and soilless crops
  • on vegetable crops: tomato, sweet pepper, cucumber, eggplant, lettuce, …

The main subjects in interaction are:

  • cultivation techniques and management
  • energy sources and energy efficiency
  • plant physiology in greenhouses

with a special interest on climate management in relationship with energy management, taking into account plant modeling and physiological aspects.


In 2016:

  • Presentation of the WG Greenhouse crops
  • Creation of a MeWe group for Greenhouse crops
  • Participation in SIRA document v2016

In 2017, in progress:

  • Database for the WG Greenhouse crops (scientific / technical expertise and interesting subjects of the WG members)
  • Preparation of the next physical meeting on June 15th 2017 in Carquefou (France)

presentation 16-02-01 WG on Greenhouse.pdf