Verónica Estruch Giner. Agrifood Campus of International Excellence (ceiA3), Spain.

Members of the Steering Committee:

  • Silvana Nicola. University of Turin. Italy.
  • Cédric Camps – Animator. Agroscope. Switzerland.
  • Verónica Estruch Giner – Animator. Agrifood Campus of International Excellence. Spain.
  • Maria Grazia Tommasini. Centro Ricerche Produzioni Vegetali (CRPV). Italy.


Create a discussion forum for EU and associated countries researchers involved in the relevant areas of the WG; Facilitate discussion, interaction, exchange of information and materials, and collaboration between researchers, farmers and other stakeholders, institutions and funding agencies; Facilitate formation of consortia for submission of EU and other international collaborative projects; Participate in agenda setting of future EU research programs. 

Topics and scope:

  •  General topics to discuss on the WG: Consumer demands, quality schemes, marketing, consumer orientation (behaviour, preferences, acceptance, sensory perception)…
  • Close the gap between primary production (field) and quality.
  • Connect the effects of tools in production system with/on the quality.
  • Marketing strategy for increasing vegetable consumption.
  • Labeling traceability, quality monitoring and assurance throughout the chain, authenticity, certification and footprint.
  • Quality segmentation: organic, conventional and locally grown.
  • Consumer perception: internal and sensorial quality, taste. Public information and awareness.
  • Segmentation based on use (quality versus destination).
  • Nutritional aspects: Composition, claim on health.
  • Sustainability aspects (environmental, economic, social, ethic / fair, LCA, circular economy, residues in crops).
  • Strengthen links between stakeholders of the knowledge triangle involved in the chain: cooperation between education institutions, research organizations and business.



  • Autumn 2017: We plan to set the date for the first WG meeting in Spain. More informations will be provided and updated on the EUVRIN website.
  • January 2017: On-line database of member's interests operational. The on-line database in Google Forms was established by Angelo Signore.


  • October 2016: Launching of the WG Systems approach and value chain during the Annual EUVRIN meeting in Brussels (25-26/10/2017).

Documents of interest:

EUVRIN Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda for the fruit and vegetable sector 2016