Coordinator: Teodoro Cardi, CREA – Council for Agricultural Research and Economics, Reserch Centre for Vegetable Crops, Pontecagnano, Italy, teodoro.cardi[at]

Deputy coordinator: Peter Glen Walley, Functional and Comparative Genomics, Institute of Integrative Biology, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK, peter.walley[at]

Steering committee:
Ferdinando Branca, Italy
Teodoro Cardi, Italy
Céline Hamon, France
Carlos Herrero-Sanchez, Spain
Jaroslava Ovesná, Czech R.
Peter Glen Walley, UK

Focus of the working group:
The mission of the EUVRIN Genetic Resources, Breeding and Seed Production Working Group (GRBS WG) is to build a network of researchers interested in the field of vegetable plant genetic resources, their exploitation, breeding, and seed production. The WG was established during the founding meeting of EUVRIN, held in February 2016 in Brussels, with the aim to recognize the needs of European stakeholders, namely breeders, farmers and consumers, and support them through the development of innovative new produce, the application of genetics-based tools, assist in the translation of research, and provide access to a wider network of stakeholders. The current steering committee was formed in October 2016 during the second EUVRIN general meeting.

Enhancement of activities related to the preservation, exploitation and use of vegetable genetic resources, including CWRs, in horticulture and breeding; Development and implementation of innovative and efficient breeding methods; Development and implementation of seed production procedures; Varietal innovation. The WG aims to provide an excellent framework for international cooperation sharing the latest technical and policy developments.

Main goals: To create a discussion forum for EU and associated countries researchers involved in the relevant areas of the WG; Facilitate discussion, interaction, exchange of information and materials, and collaboration between researchers, farmers and other stakeholders, institutions and funding agencies; Facilitate formation of consortia for submission of EU and other international collaborative projects; Participate in agenda setting of future EU research programs.

Time-line of activity
Meetings: Brussels (Belgium) – February 1st 2016; Brussels (Belgium) – October 25th and 26th 2016

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