Coordinator (and contact):

Name: Rosemary Collier

Address: Warwick Crop Centre School of Life Sciences, The University of Warwick

E-mail: rosemary.collier[at]

Secretary Name: to be defined

Core group: 

We agreed to set up two core groups for 1) greenhouse crops and 2) outdoor crops. 
The following people volunteered to be members of these groups:


Gerben Messlink, NL

Monica Gonzalez Cajamar, SP

Catara Vitoria, University of Catania


Bart Declercq, Inagro Be

Maria Grazia Tommasini, It

Richard Meadow, Norway

Carlos Baixauli, SP

Vincent Faloya, Inra Fr

Ronald Hand, Zwaagsijk Nl 

Focus of working

The focus of the group is on the integrated management of pests, pathogens and weeds of vegetable crops grown outdoors and under protection.  Our key objectives are as follows:

  • To provide farmers and growers with the tools to implement the Sustainable Use Directive and address National Action plans.
  • To establish a platform to identify the gaps and to prioritise and agree research objectives and to influence the direction of future research calls.
  • To enhance collaboration to share information and address common problems.
  • To engage with researchers in all countries within the EU.
  • To promote communication for information exchange, collaboration, setting standards, with other EUVRIN groups.
  • To achieve sustainable approaches to pest management through agroecology, system level integration of techniques, biopesticides, chemical ecology, beneficial insects, physical barriers, new technical solutions to address new pest problems, DSS for pests and diseases and other approaches
  • To establish good links with other areas of expertise in agriculture and the wider  industry.


We provisionally plan to meet in Week 39 - 26-27 September in the Netherlands and to combine the meeting with visits to some of the Dutch open field days.  We will confirm this at that beginning of summer 2017.

We also plan to:

  • Make a list of people involved and their expertise
  • Make a list of diseases and pests which are problematic in each country and their status

presentation 16-02-01 WG on IPM.pdf