15 June 2017: Physical meeting of the Euvrin WG Greenhouse Crops in Carquefou (Nantes), France. Read more


24-25 October 2017: EUVRIN Board meeting in Mechelen, Belgium


22.05.17 - EUVRIN Working group meeting Fertilization and Irrigation

The meeting of the EUVRIN working group on Fertilization and Irrigation was held in the University of Almeria (Spain), 9 May - 11 May 2017. Fifty-two people attended from 12 European countries (Spain, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, France, Belgium, UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Finland and Slovenia). The meeting was organized by the University of Almeria (UAL; Rodney Thompson and colleagues). There were five scientific sessions, each consisting of a general introduction, a series of 10 minute presentations (including 2 minutes for questions) and a twenty minute discussion. The scientific sessions were: (1) Soil moisture sensors, (2) Models and decision support systems for irrigation and fertilization management, (3) Crop nutrient status and testing, (4) Fertilizer recommendations and fertigation, and (5) Fertilization, rotation and the use of organic materials.

17.03.17 - Large participation for the second plenary meeting of EUVRIN

On 25 and 26 October 2016, EUVRIN held his second meeting in the premises of Vleva in Brussels, to draw up a review for the first year of activities of the network.

04.02.16 - Kick-off of Euvrin, the European Vegetable Institutes Network
On 1st February more than 80 representatives of the European vegetables research centres took part in the Brussels kick-off meeting of Euvrin, a European network gathering research centres on vegetables. The initiative of such a web came from AREFLH (1), Freshfel (2) and Agrolink (3). So far the consortium represents 50 centres originating from 16 European countries.
25.01.16 - Invitation EUVRIN 01-02-2016 Brussels

FRESHFEL and AREFLH created in 2014 a European taskforce for research and innovation. This group of experts presented in 2015 a strategic agenda to the European Commission that focused on the priorities of research for the fruit and vegetable sector in the framework of Horizon 2020.