9-11 May 2017: Working group research workshop in Almeria, Spain. Read more

24-25 October 2017: EUVRIN Board meeting in Mechelen, Belgium


17.03.17 - Large participation for the second plenary meeting of EUVRIN

On 25 and 26 October 2016, EUVRIN held his second meeting in the premises of Vleva in Brussels, to draw up a review for the first year of activities of the network.

04.02.16 - Kick-off of Euvrin, the European Vegetable Institutes Network
On 1st February more than 80 representatives of the European vegetables research centres took part in the Brussels kick-off meeting of Euvrin, a European network gathering research centres on vegetables. The initiative of such a web came from AREFLH (1), Freshfel (2) and Agrolink (3). So far the consortium represents 50 centres originating from 16 European countries.
25.01.16 - Invitation EUVRIN 01-02-2016 Brussels

FRESHFEL and AREFLH created in 2014 a European taskforce for research and innovation. This group of experts presented in 2015 a strategic agenda to the European Commission that focused on the priorities of research for the fruit and vegetable sector in the framework of Horizon 2020.